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This is what Neil Strauss says in his book "The Game":

"I was happy with myself and my life. That is until an innocent phone call from my book editor, who had stumbled across a document on the Internet called the LayGuide. Compressed into 150 sizzling pages was the collected wisdom of dozens of pickup artists who have been exchanging their knowledge in newsgroups for nearly a decade, secretly working to turn the art of seduction into an exact science. The moment I started reading, my life changed. More than any other book or document - be it the Bible, Crime and Punishment, or the Joy of Cooking - the LayGuide opened my eyes!"

LayGuide is still the most thourough and continually
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Here's just a PREVIEW of what you will GET
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Before you begin:
Introduction - forget money, forget fame, just cut to the chase and get the girls!
Baby steps to success - master the details and master the stages to master everything

General rules: (Crucial Rules for the beginning seduction artist)
The devil in the "1 - 10" ratings system - don't get suckered into rating women in your mind
The 3 seconds rule - the most important rule you'll ever learn, say bye-bye to hesitation.
The outcome really doesn't matter - read why indifference is such a winning attitude.
Look and feel your best - all the time!
Be the Alpha/Dominant male - be in charge of your surroundings. Including the girls:)
Do my looks matter? - yes they do, but not nearly as much as you think.
Nice guys vs jerks - the key difference between the two explained.
Good traits to have - or develop, to be successful with women.
Good mindsets to have - to supercharge your interactions with women.
How to walk, move and talk - and let your mere presence do the talking.
Women want good sex - so make sure you do her right:)
Should you express or contain your sexual desires? - a moot point, read why.
Wanna play the dating game? - ... um... let's see now...
The rules with your wingman - make sure you agree on the rules.
Get yourself a mentor - or better yet, get three!

Getting started: (BASIC TOOLS that will GUIDE you in the beginning!!!)
On confidence - and getting started with approaching girls.
Plan your success - because behind every success, there's a plan.
Experiment! - don't think twice, don't look back, just have fun!
Casual meetings vs pick-ups - the pros and cons.
Create and maintain eye contact - use the ultimate aphrodisiac to show confidence, create attraction and confirm interest.
At a party - a mild alternative to the 3s rule.
Just say "Hi" - then continue with one of the two tactics described in the article.
Talk to girls - everywhere!
Friendly pretty-girls vs unfriendly ugly-girls - and swamped average-girls; who should you talk to?
Make your goal to make a woman smile - and the rest will follow naturally
Level the playing field - disarm her most poweful weapons while becoming instantly attractive.
How to initiate a conversation - here's your back-up, in case your primary parashoot doesn't open.
Talking to her = echoing her - a stripped down version of Trance words and Eliciting values.
Fluff talk - the essential skill of talking about nothing, and how to evolve from that.
The "don't"s of fluff talk - what to avoid.
How to ask a woman absolutely any question - and how to get away with it
(Not) Answering her questions - to confuse the hell out of her and make her intrigued.
How to be funny - to make the women laugh (and to shut up the boring people).
Reading body language - its like reading people's thoughts, it'll blow you away:)
Mirroring - the Jedi mind tricks of body-language explained.
Kinaesthetics - make touching the girls your second nature, even (and especially!:) if you just met them, they'll love it:)

Approaching and making them interested:
Where to meet girls - the most popular places for a pick-up.
If she seems unapproachable - then maybe everyone thinks so... and she's all alone.
General guidelines on approaching - a few pointers and examples to get you started.
Demonstrate value and personality - the basic premise of seduction.
The importance of a first impression - or relative unimportance, depending on your attitude.
Getting introduced, shaking hands and hugging - how to get a woman intrigued within seconds of meeting her.
How to get a girl to chase you - even if she’s not interested in you at all
Pace and lead - and demonstrate understanding to increase rapport.

Approaches: (Absolutely ASTONISHING approaches REVEALED!!!)

Gimmicks - palm-reading:

Nightclubs and dancing:

Group tactics: (Unbelievably interesting strategies REVEALED!!!)
Neghits: (How to Make the HOTTEST GIRLS DROOL FOR YOU!!!)
Eliciting values: (HOW to CONNECT With ANY WOMAN!!! Or make them think you have connected with them!!!)
GM style:
(SPECTACULAR STRATEGIES You would thank GOD for finding out!!!)

Sexual talk: (Yes...SEXUAL TALK...YOU will find out HOW TO DO IT!!!)
Patterning: (The basics of HYPNOTIC SEDUCTION to use on the LADIES!!!)
Additional patterning skills: (EVEN MORE!!!)
Online and phone seduction: (SEDUCTION WORKS ANYWHERE!!!)
Now that she's interested: (USING SCIENTIFIC PSYCHOLOGY!!!)
Common signs of interest - to know you're "in":)
Building a bridge AFC-style - if you can't do anything, do it at least the AFC way:)
If more than one girl is interested in you - don't choose, you might loose:)
Reading the signs of a "committed" woman - understand her seemingly contradictory signs.
Capitalise - there's a girl that has started liking you quite on her own!? Now act quickly!
Making a timely exit - instead on lingering on forever, leave her hungry for more.
Closing - how to get a girl to give you her phone number and e-mail address
Asking for a... date? - now that you have her number... what next?
Get-together strategies - the „no-no’s” and the „do-do’s”.
Go on minidates - to get from dating to making love in a matter of hours.
How to proceed to kissing - this will separate the boys from the men.
Proceeding instead of closing - for why would you want to "close" if things are going smooth?
Our World routine - constructing a world for her in which she will feel free to make love to you:)
Inviting the girl over to your place - to "check out a book or something...":)
If she has second-thoughts - she wants it but can't quite make up her mind, "help" her:)
Gain the ultimate trust - and the woman will surrender her body to you almost instantly.
My home is my love-nest - make sure you can be confident about the quality of your retreat.
Networking and pivots - if you're not quite interested any more or she's not quite interested yet.

Handling the girls: (To Make you Look like the ALPHA MALE!!!)
Be busy - attract girls by being "busy".
Suggest competition - keep her on her toes.
Put a price on yourself - the more you "cost", the more value she attributes to you.
Broadcast your high standards - and she won't even have a chance NOT to choose you.
Show a willingness to walk away - don't let her take you for granted.
Use her friends - by realising, that "friendship" also means "rivalry".
Judge her by her actions, not by her words - or rather, let her actions speak the words.
Have and reveal secrets - provide a constant thrill for the woman.
Use poetry - women are about feelings; poems are about feelings - and mixing the two gets KABOOM!
If she compliments you - make her feel good for having done that:)
Act like its special - and what you have can not be found anywhere else.
Paying her a compliment - an AFC trap, unless you do it right.
Cook for her and "date" at home - main dish will be less expensive and the "dessert" more convenient:)
When should you call a woman after having sex with her? - don't blow it, she'll be very sensitive.
How to make a girl you've made love to also fall in love with you - if that's your goal, this'll do the trick.
Romantic gifts and things to do - but use these to reward, not to bribe.
How to prevent a woman from becoming your girlfriend - and still keep all the fun you're having together.
Managing many relationships at once - best policy is (tailored:) honesty.

Troubleshooting: (MORE SUPER TIPS REVEALED!!!)
If she calls you a loser or an idiot - how to turn the tables and make her feel embarrassed.
If she asks for YOUR number instead
- don't fall for this (relates to Closing).
If she still refuses to give you her number - a strategy of covert persistence.
If she says "Why do you ask?" - read how to recover (relates to Patterning and Eliciting values).
If she asks "Are you trying to seduce me?" - you need to know how to answer.
"Have you ever...?" gets busted - what do you do, if she says "No" in response (relates to Patterning).
Ejecting - you don't always have to close. Know when to cut your losses.
If she cancels a date - she screwed you (and not the way you hoped she would:). Now what?
If she doesn't return your phonecall/e-mails - a zero-tolerance policy.
If she shows disrespect for you - you dump her, aka The Returning Fox Theory.
The age difference problem - you shouldn't anticipate it, but its good to be prepared.
Nothing works with the girl - and you tried all your techniques. But there's an ace up your sleeve:)
If she says "Let's just be friends" - looks like you're in trouble, read how to recover.
Dealing with rejection - why you should never get rejected and how to cope with it, if you do.
But I really want this girl! - read why this is such a self-defeating attitude.

The boyfriend problem
Miscellaneous: (EVEN MORE!!!)
Fun and games - you'll love these:) "The kissing bet", "Osama", "A-Hole + truth or dare".
Bad jokes - careful:) "Pants in the air", "Telepathic watch", "Spermogram", "Doctor's appointment".
A game of Crash and Burn - a great experience (and confidence?:) builder.
More things to do for fun - useless, but fun:)
Top colognes - for getting the girls, of course.
Miscellaneous suggestions and observations about seduction - a recap.

Articles: (FUN AND Interesting ARTICLES!!!)
Article in Rolling Stone - a tour of modern seduction literature, NLP and Speed Seduction.
The Iranian from hell - do your looks matter? Read this report by Maniac High and decide for yourself:)
The pivot theory - NYC explains the benefits of making girls your pivots.
Ross comments on www.introme.com - his one-page website / personals ad full of NLP and SS.
Falling in love vs being a player - in case you have any feelings of guilt.
A female seducer turning straight girls into bi and lesbian - all bi girls, this one's for you:)
Advice on Attracting Younger Women - if you want to offer the "older man experience" - then this one's for you:)
Article in Playboy - the Harvard-educated journalist experiences a paradigm shift.
Job Interview patterns - a different perspective on NLP and patterning. 2 patterns.

Field reports: (Watch the masters themselves IN ACTION!!!)
The rich and famous setup - but even more accurately the "tired of female attention" setup:)
The effectiveness of persistence with a smile - true seduction - choose and seduce:)
Svengali's street pick-up - a classic street pick-up using humour, romance, sex-talk and kino.
Svengali's friend's street pick-up - a "neg" of sorts gets the ball rolling:)
The original Mr Smooth posts - Maniac High describes the technique of a Japanese PUA.
NightShadow's IRC seduction - an example of an image to create good feelings.
David Shade's online seduction - this guy is really good:) A log of him and a married woman.
David Shade's real-life seduction - and he's not just a computer geek cowering behind his keyboard:)
Maniac High's report, NYC's comments - important points being discussed.
The Orgasmotron - Alex Akselrod plants a post-hypnotic suggestion.

So what are you STILL WAITING?
This is your chance to become attractive
to any woman in the world - FOREVER!


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